What’s the most indestructible car ever made?


A Fiat panda crosses a muddy river

Is the Fiat Panda the most indestructible car?
Photo: Decree

Of course, it’s good to have a fast, pretty or luxurious car parked in your driveway. But what if you want a car that will never break and last you a lifetime? In that case, you might want something that is known to be indestructible.

From rugged off-road machines like the Land Rover Defender to well-built station wagons that can last mile after mile, there are plenty of cars that will take a beating before they give up the ghost. And that’s exactly what we want to find out today.

While Top Gear may have praised the Toyota hilux pickup as the world’s most indestructible car, after driving it in the arctic and dropping it off a building, we want to hear your stories about the unbreakable cars you owned.

One car that seems to survive in environments no car could normally last is the boxy Fiat Panda 1980s. Designed in the late 1970s before being unveiled at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show, the Fiat Panda MK1 is said to have been designed for the sole purpose of carrying four passengers and two 50’s wine demijohns. liters. Seems like a hell of a party.

After the initial unveiling of the Panda in 1980, a four-wheel drive variant was added to the lineup in 1983. Since then, these brave family cars have made their home on mountainsides, on muddy farms and in city centers.

Powered by a 965cc inline-four engine producing 48hp, the original Panda is a simple machine that has since spawned 7.8 million vehicles over three generations. Its rugged construction means this brave little car could be spied on on rural roads for years to come.

But what do you think is a car that cannot be broken? Today we want to hear your suggestions for the most indestructible car. Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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