Will the Odd-even system come back to Delhi? Kejriwal government gives key instructions to drivers

New Delhi: The odd-even policy could be applied in the country’s capital, Delhi, for the first time. The Delhi government’s transportation department has asked motorists to put color-coded fuel recognition labels (color-coded fuel stickers) on their cars due to the worrying level of air pollution. According to a Supreme Court ruling and the Central Motor Cars Rules, 1989, it is essential to place chrome-based holographic stickers on all vehicles registered in Delhi, according to a notification issued Friday by the Department of Transportation.

The Transportation Department said owners of older cars should contact the appropriate suppliers to have chrome-based holographic stickers applied to their vehicle’s windshield, depending on the type of gasoline. During roadside inspections, traffic officers look for fuel, such as gasoline and diesel, that is concealed. Cars registered before April 2019 were not required to wear these badges, which are blue for gasoline or CNG vehicles and orange for diesel vehicles.

Owners of cars without stickers are liable to fines ranging from Rs 5,500 to Rs 10,000, depending on the law. However, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said the government was only increasing awareness of the stickers and no specific programs were planned for the near future. The registration number, registration authority, a laser-marked PIN code, as well as the vehicle’s engine and chassis number are all included on these stickers.

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