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PRESENTATION MADE – On behalf of the Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary, President Sondra Weigel, third from left, presented a check for $35,000 to the hospital trustees on hand for the annual awards banquet Auxiliary Awards held July 7, including, left to right, Joe Sayut, Chief Financial Officer; Lisa Conti, Chief Nursing Officer/Executive Vice President, Medical Practices; John Frankovitch, President and CEO; and Jim Shockley, Chairman of the Board. — Janice Kiaski

WEIRTON – With a perspective that we are still here, the Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary held its annual awards dinner on July 7, presenting a smaller but no less appreciated gift to the hospital and the community that it has served in various capacities for decades.

Assistant President Sondra Weigel presented WMC President and CEO John Frankovitch with a check for $35,000 at the informal dinner held at WMC, noting that “We’ve probably doubled at other times, but as you probably all know, everything costs more, and at all of our fundraisers, we don’t earn what we used to. They are all down at least $2,000 or $3,000.

Weigel explained that the auxiliary had been cautious with the amount awarded, taking into account the gift shop she supports at the hospital where Roberta Ziemer is her manager and Cindy Ferrari is assistant manager. Both attended dinner with 16 auxiliary members and thanked the auxiliary for his efforts and support.

“I wish it could have been more but I can tell you I’m very careful with the money and since we’re supporting the gift shop I always want to make sure I’ve got them covered so we have enough. money to work with,” Weigel said.

“We are all fighting the same fight” she talked about cost increases and shipping delays and expenses, for example. “We’re hanging on, though,” Weigel added.

AUXILIARY OFFICERS – Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary Officers are, left to right, Domenica “Minnie” Malloy, corresponding secretary; Sondra Weigel, President; Elda Weekley, recording secretary; and Vivian Weigel, Assistant Treasurer. — Janice Kiaski

The Auxiliary runs the WMC Gift Shop and traditionally holds seven fundraisers a year – two sales of Robert’s medical uniforms; three $5 jewelry sales; and two book sales.

Frankovitch applauded the group. “What you are doing here is immeasurable and to be honest with you, we appreciate what you are doing so much, and it is getting harder and harder,” he said, noting that the impact of COVID-19 has not “made things easier for everyone.” He said that the value of the auxiliary goes beyond the gift, for “Your presence here.”

“I think we’re now finding a point where we can get you back into the organization, get the cart back, the gift shop is running full steam, and it’s been a while, but we still appreciate the donation. You’ve made so many improvements to this building that affect you all, so your impact here is everywhere, but the real value is seeing your faces here,” Frankovitch said.

Other WMC officials present to express their appreciation were Joe Sayut, Chief Financial Officer; Lisa Conti, Chief Nursing Officer/Executive Vice President, Medical Practices; and Jim Shockley, Chairman of the Board.

“I’ve been to your meetings here before, and they’re always great, and I always try to thank everyone. Your little group is getting smaller, but you’re still going, and I really appreciate what you’re doing for you. hospital and the gift you are making to the hospital this year. Thank you very much,” Shockley said.

RATED YEARS OF SERVICE — Sondra Weigel, middle, auxiliary president of Weirton Medical Center, presented 10-year auxiliary service certificates to Barbara Hall, left, and Dorothea Stakias, right. Diane Bond has 15 years of service under her belt. — Janice Kiaski

Weigel said the auxiliary members are happy to start seeing each other again at an event such as a dinner party.

One lesson of the pandemic, Frankovitch noted, is that “element of interaction and being with each other. It’s just irreplaceable, and that’s really, I think what we’ve been missing, seeing you, being able to talk to you and talking to each other, a lot of the organization has been separated during that, so we’re glad that you are back. ”

How the donation will be used was not specified, but Frankovitch said “There are so many needs here.” Addressing security measures is an ongoing project.

Last year, a donation of $60,000 was used to improve the cafeteria.

The Auxiliary Dinner included the presentation of Years of Service Awards with two of the three members present to receive certificates. Ten-year auxiliary service certificates went to Barbara Hall and Dorothea Stakias. Diane Bond has 15 years of service under her belt.

‘CLASSY’ DONATION — Perry Lazich, left, and the Weir High School Class of 1946 donated to the Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary during a June 30 presentation at the Williams Country Club to Sondra Weigel, auxiliary president. This is the second gift the class makes to the auxiliary. — Contributed

In years past, a dinner included such introductions to more volunteers, lamented Weigel, who said when she came aboard with the Auxiliary in 1990, there were about 150 members. Today there are 21.

“This is where we are” she says.

After the presentation, the auxiliary members discussed a return to volunteer opportunities at the hospital beyond being in the gift shop.

At one point in its history, the Auxiliary had 175 members, not to mention a healthy presence of 75 “volunteers” who have contributed to the activities of the organization.

Founded in 1953, the auxiliary has made its hospital and community presence known in a variety of ways, responding to the hospital’s needs for “Mrs. Bubbles” school presentations that taught children the importance of hand washing; and bike rodeos that provided safety tips and helmets.

THANK YOU – Auxiliary members of Weirton Medical Center expressed their gratitude to WMC food service staff, left to right, Tiffany Roberts, Genesis Rushing, Terri Vanezalos and Danielle Prekup for their service at the annual Auxiliary dinner meeting . — Janice Kiaski

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