Woman says car was broken into at South Charlotte Tennis Club, police warn public not to leave expensive items in cars


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Charlotte resident Jean Kreisher is still trying to control the damage after her expensive tote bag was stolen from her SUV last weekend.

Kreisher said the theft took place last Saturday in the parking lot of the Olde Providence Racquet Club. She said she was playing tennis when the car break-in happened.

“I started getting pings from my credit cards and my bank asking if I had made these particular charges at a Walmart,” Kreisher explained.

She said she left the courts after receiving the bank notifications and discovered her car had been broken into in the club’s parking lot. Kreisher said not only was his expensive tote bag taken, but the bag contained several important items.

“They had keys and they had my driver’s license and they had checks. They had pretty much my whole life in that purse, ”she explained.

Kreisher said she thought someone needed to watch her as she hid her bag in the car before her tennis match. She said thieves immediately started racking up charges on her credit cards.

“They had stolen my wallet and within three hours they had debited over $ 8,000 on four cards,” said the Charlotte resident.

She said she has now filed a police report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and is working with banks, insurance companies and credit card providers to mitigate the damage caused by the thieves.

This isn’t the only car burglary to have been reported to the Olde Providence Racquet Club this month. Two club cars were burgled on Tuesday, October 5, according to a police report filed with the CMPD.

John Sullivan, the racquet club’s general manager, said the incidents will be discussed at a board meeting next week.

Constable Jonathan Frisk, a member of the CMPD’s Crime Prevention Unit, spoke to WBTV of car break-ins in parking lots. He said thieves would target cars in daycares, parks and sports clubs, as these are places where people tend to leave expensive items in vehicles.

“They are looking for a crime of expediency. They’re sitting in a parking lot. Maybe they see you putting something under your seat or they actually see you get out of your car and put something in your trunk, ”explained Frisk.

The crime prevention officer said there are organized crime syndicates, like the Felony Lane Gang, which specifically target women who leave handbags or bags in cars. Frisk said it is not clear whether organized crime syndicates are responsible for the recent car break-ins in Charlotte.

“I don’t think we can say that 100 percent. A lot of times if it’s that particular group, we can find out later in the investigation, ”Frisk said.

The officer said he encouraged members of the public to avoid leaving handbags or bags in cars unattended. He said people who need to leave a bag or purse in a vehicle should hide the item in the trunk of the vehicle before leaving their homes. He said it’s also wise to avoid leaving credit cards and car IDs in a car. Frisk said he is also encouraging buyers to use the wallet feature on their smartphones so they don’t have to pull out physical cards.

Kreisher said she is sharing her story to warn other women about thieves in the Charlotte area.

“This is my PSA to those women who think this can’t happen to them. Now, I testify that it can happen to them.

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