Woman surprised after finding gun in glove compartment of rental car

An Atlanta woman is frustrated after finding a gun in her rental car. She said the company and the police were slow to deal with it.

“As a child, I was always told that if you see a gun that isn’t yours, report it,” Marianna Macleod said emphatically.

She said she was stunned when she found a gun in the glove compartment of her Avis rental car on Sunday.

She wanted to remove the gun from her possession, so she immediately called Avis.

“I opened my glove compartment to look for something and discovered a gun in my car. I was not expecting this at all, so I panicked and called Avis,” said she declared.

Macleod said after a three-hour wait, Avis gave him the ride.

“Avis has law enforcement and they transferred me there and then they transferred me to roadside assistance. But they said we couldn’t do anything because we’re only ‘a towing company,’ the Kirkwood resident said.

Macleod said Avis told her to call the Atlanta Police Department and she was surprised at what an officer said.

“‘You’re allowed to have a gun in Georgia, so it’s OK to have it in the glove compartment.’ I said, ‘But that’s not my weapon.’ He said, “Did you call Avis? I said, ‘Yeah, they told me to call you guys.’ Who’s to blame? It’s not my gun and it’s been over 24 hours now,” she said.

Macleod said she was determined to return the gun and the car despite all the roadblocks.

“I want gun safety. It’s a gun that’s not mine. In a car that’s not mine. I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands,” said Macleod.

The Kirkwood resident said an Avis official finally called her back on Tuesday afternoon.

“He’s going to pay me back. But I’m not entirely sure that will happen. I just don’t think they handled it very responsibly,” the young woman said.

FOX 5 reached Avis and the Atlanta Police Department. Avis has not commented yet. Atlanta police said residents should call 911 if they find a weapon. That is exactly what Ms. Macleod did.

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